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Moving iTunes option update

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I need to move one user's iTunes library from a iMac G5 running Leopard to a Mini running SL. (There are other iTunes in other user accounts)I see answers to this here but the most recent discussion is from 2008... has anything changed in the last few years?


Over on the Apple forum I found lots of confusing stuff:

- http://support.apple...iewlocale=en_US - has been updated but that's within one machine

- http://discussions.apple.com/thread.jspa?messageID=12573840 Down in here Jolly Giant recommends against using Migration Assistant which I think Adam has said... especially across versions of OSX. The other issue I have with this (Target Disk Mode) is I don't have the right FireWire cable.

Isn't it possible that CCC could maybe help? I don't have anything in iTunes on the Mini so I like the idea of replacing the entire iTunes folder - but I know from experience Apple isn't going to make this simple.

Maybe I should use the first option to go to an external drive and then do it again from the external drive to the Mini. That way I'm doing Apple official moves each time... but will the iTunes on the mini be able to see the Library.


This is an iTunes library that is sync'd to an 2nd Gen iPod Touch, just in case that matters.


Oh... unless it is inherent in the process - I'll also want to clean up the iTunes once done without totally disabling the use of iTunes on that user's account via Home sharing, etc.

I'm not trying to duplicate anything here, just end up so this user can sync on the newer machine.


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Just copy the iTunes folder over however you wish (the simplest would just be to copy it onto the external), and then pit it in ~/Music. All will be fine after that.

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