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Joe R

Building a Mac Desk

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I recently sold my 27" iMac in favor of a new 13 Thunderbolt MBP. I sure do miss the display but I need the portability. I replaced the SuperDrive with a 128 Gb SSD (DataDoubler from OWC) and use that as my boot drive as well as current Aperture library. The HDD is a 1TB spinner that houses my data. I bought a cheapo 24" LED LCD from Bestbuy just to get by but boy do I miss that 27" so the plan is to grab a 27" Cinema when I can afford it. I have a single Firewire 800 TimeMachine drive as well as an iPod connector cable that are plugged in anytime I'm home.


My plan now is to build a long, skinny, box that will live on the back edge of my desk (think flower box). Inside this box will live my TimeMachine drive as well as a surge protector/power strip. The plan is to have the wire clutter inside the box with just neat runs from the desk into the box. Tidy is good.


My question: What kinds of things do you wish you had built into your desk? I've been all over Google collecting ideas. I want to integrate everything I can think of (that I want) when I build the desk. I don't want to be kicking myself later. Suggestions please!

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Cable management is the biggest thing for me. Nothing fancy, just need a system that


1. keeps things tidy - hides ugly cables

2. allows for frequent reconfiguration


i don't really have a good working solution right now, so i'm interested in what you come up with.

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I know a guy that is obsessed with "no cables" and took it to an extreme of "no visible computer things when possible". his solution was make something like a kids desk. you know where you lift a lid revealing your books, pencils, and other school supplies. there were some holes in strategic places allowing an LCD display to drop cables straight down. holes solved all kinds of problems. he installed a USB Hub so he can attach his camera or thumb drive easily.

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