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Does AppleTV work withe UPnP media servers?

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since my SoundBridge died I'm considering getting a new AppleTV for my media streaming needs. However, I'm not really interested in replacing my FreeBSD-based media server. So my question is, does the ATV stream media from UPnP or other media servers, or does it only work with iTunes sharing? In that case I guess the ATV won't be an option for me, and I will have to look elsewhere.


Any input appreciated!



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Sorry, but far as I know, it's a pretty closed system. It can stream content from iTunes and you can access Youtube, Netflix and some other internet services, but it's pretty much just an iPod for your TV. I suppose you may find a way online to hack it, but I really think that for the needs you describe there is a better solution.

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Thanks - that's pretty much what I was afraid of. Guess I'll try to get a demo of Onkyo's new Spotify-enabled receivers, which also has UPnP streaming built in.


One less box to store under the TV... wink.gif




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