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How do we set up an Airport network to share both a usb printer and external HD wirelessly?

What I want is a file-server and printer to access at home from my Macbook and a future iPad.


Thanks, Chris

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I don't know how much storage you need but have you thought about getting a Time Capsule ? You don't have to use the HD for Time Machine ... it works great as a network drive. The device has a USB port for your printer and it acts as your router. Best of all it will practically set itself up for you. You can currently get a refurbished 1 TB TC for $219 or a 2 TB for $299. If you already have an Airport Extreme Base Station, it has the same connections available ( just doesn't have an internal HD so you would have to somehow get the printer and HD to connect to the one USB port ( HUB or A/B switch should work fine ) ). Should also have the same ease of setup using Airport Utility.

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the Airport Extreme supports USB hubs allowing you to attach a printer and hard drive at the same time. according to it's page it supports multiple printers and drives. I have not tested this feature but I have used a USB hub to get a printer and a hard drive working at the same time.

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