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Temporary use in the US

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My daughter is spending the summer in San Francisco, coming from the UK, and she will be bringing her unlocked iPhone with her.


Whats the best way for her to get a SIM card that she can use for 3 months ? Voice minutes will not be too important, but SMS and data will be used mostly.


Thanks for any advice



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there are two networks that can provide "pay-as-you-go" services that work with iPhone: AT&T and T-Mobile. you can get a SIM card in various ways. Amazon has lots of listings. although read the reviews. some people are reporting that while the SIM works the built-in credit does not. YMMV. you can also walk in to a store and get a SIM card. both companies have locations in downtown near 3rd & Market. I'm guess that this option will be more expensive.


AT&T services in SF are weird. I can walk around a corner and receive a bunch of TXT messages that were recently sent. that's how crowded the company spectrum is here. my friends that are T-Mobile don't seem to have the dropped calls and late TXT messages that I have. although we've found that some places act like faraday cages making it impossible to send or receive anything. I plan turn of last century lead paint.


T-Mobile seems to be the less costly compared to AT&T. it's billed in minutes not days. although data is bill in days not minutes or bytes. there is a pay it once monthly plan. it would be interesting to see of the monthly 4G plan fails back to 3G or Edge to work with the older tech in an iPhone. I'll leave you to search for the answer that question.

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