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How to wake a sleeping computer with Airport???

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I need help with my setup. I have a LWPro 630 connected to an iMac using Leopard with print sharing turned on. I have several other computers and devices that I like to print from using Snow Leopard. Using my Airport wireless connection, I can send my print commands to the iMac, and the printer prints. It works just fine, as long as the iMac is told to never sleep. If I go into the power control panel and tell the computer to sleep, when I send printer commands to the LWPro, nothing happens. The computer doesn't see any airport commands unless it is awake. Do I have to keep the computer running 24/7, or is there a way to make the computer ‘wake on print command’? I have not been able to figure out any work arounds, other than not letting the computer sleep. The iMac and one of my other computers are close to each other, but other than wireless, they are not connected.

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Thanks for your help. As the document you referred to stated, that method only works for a Mac connected via Ethernet. I tired connecting by Ethernet and lost internet connection.


Any other suggestions would be nice. Again, this is a stand alone iMac connected to a local network by airport.



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a Laser Writer Pro 630 has a ethernet port. just plug the printer into one of the ports on your Airport Extreme or dumb ethernet hub or switch. you will need a AAUI box to get it on your network. maybe you already have that. all the Mac's on the network will be able to print to it without needing it "shared" because this printer was made to work in a work group with that functionality built in. that said, you are going to have problems talking to this printer in the future. AppleTalk which is the protocol used to talk to the printer is not supported in 10.6 and 10.7. this means you will need an intermediary print server to make it work like an old Mac (running 10.5 with print sharing on) or an HP print server.


I used to have that specific printer but I retired it TEN years ago in favor of a Brother 5170n. it uses a quarter of the power of the 630 and has a smart power saving mode that it cycles to sleep after 10 minutes of idle. for about $100 you can get a new laser printer that will look better, print faster, use even less power and you can use your Airport to share it.

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