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Hotkey to make Window switch to other monitor

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Hi all!


Is there a tool or hotkey that will quickly move a program window to the other monitor in a dual monitor set up? Yes, I can drag the window over and than click on the green maximize button. However, I am looking for something that will do this task in a single keystroke sequence.


Example, I take photos in portrait and landscape modes. I use Aperture 3 for my photo processing. I have two 24" 1920x1200 Dell LCD monitors. I keep the left monitor rotated 90º clockwise so it is 1200x1920. When, when viewing a photo that is portrait, I would like to be able to quickly move the window to the other monitor.


BTW, I keep many app windows like Aperture maximized. So, when switching a maximized window to the other monitor, I would like it to be maximized on the other monitor matching that monitor's dimension.


Any help will be appreciated.


Thanks & Enjoy life!


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you might like Keyboard Maestro. moving windows is just one of the many things it can automate for you. there's a free trial so you can find out if it will work for you.


AppleScript can move windows. but it's slow-ish the first time you run the script. there are at least a dozen examples you can crib from to get it to work. do a search on "applescript move front window".

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