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where are the members podcasts?

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I became a Maccast member not too long ago for two reasons....the first one being so I could get more in-depth explanations of things, and to have podcasts focused on isolated topics. The second one was because Adam claims on the free podcast that the perk of becoming a member is that you can get 2 or 3 extra episodes of content each week, so I figured for the price it was a great deal. I've been a member for almost a month and I think there have only been 3 new member podcasts! Basically like one every 10 days or so. For those who have been members for a while now, is it just a slow point? And has Adam ever done 2 or 3 member podcasts during a 7-day span???

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I have to tend to agree, unfortunately. I signed up last September for the year plan (so my renewal is coming up soon). I think there have been times when he has done 2 extra shows in a 7 day span but never 3 extra shows. I just did a quick calculation: The first show was on 17 May 2010 and the last show he did was Member Show 091 on 1 August 2011. There have been 452 days between 17 May 2010 and 12 August 2011 (today) which equates to about 64.5 weeks. 91 shows in 64.5 weeks averages out to just over 1.4 shows per week (this is just Members shows - I'm not counting regular shows). There are times, such as during Macworld, that you will see a spike in the content but as you noticed, now seems to be a particularly slow drought.


I love Adam to death. The MacCast has been, is now, and will likely always be my favorite Apple podcast to listen to and I like supporting Adam in any way that I can. But with the way my finances are at the moment (college) I have to be very selective in the ways that I spend my money. Unfortunately, that means I'm going to have a very tough decision to make a little over a month from now whether or not to renew my Member Subscription. I can't say that my money was wasted because it most definitely wasn't - I've thoroughly enjoyed being a Member and have learned a great many new things. But for next year, I'm going to have to take a hard look at the overall value I'm receiving vs. the money I'm putting into it. It hurts me so much to say that but I really feel that that's the position I'm in.


Enough with my sad talk. The best you/we can do is continue to email Adam with our suggestions for show topics and ways to improve the show. He's always great about responding and the more ideas he receives, the greater chance we have of seeing an increase in the amount of shows.

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