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iPhone app and data deleted after moving to a new computer

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Hello! I hooked an iPhone up to a new iMac today and was very careful to click "transfer purchases" before telling iTunes to sync apps with the phone.


Later tonight, after I had already supposedly transfered the purchases from the iPhone to the iMac, I set iTunes to sync apps, clicked through the warning about the apps on the phone being replaced with the apps on the computer, and the sync went perfectly except one app (maybe more but I just noticed one) was deleted from the phone. When I went to the App Store and repurchased the app, I was able to download it for free, but why didn't it transfer to the iMac with the other apps? Also, since I had to re-download it, all of the data from the app is gone. Is there any way to get it back? No time machine backups have been done on the new computer yet.


The only thing that I can think of is that this app was purchased with a different iTunes account than the others, but this doesn't make sense because I didn't notice a warning about purchases not being able to be transfered because the computer was not authorized and because the app was redownloaded for free using what I thought was the same iTunes account the other apps were purchased with.



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