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Sir Peter

Airport Extreme/Netgear Set Up

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Good Evening Everyone, I think I am in trouble here?

I am trying to set up a bit of a thingy around the house, and I have got myself into a bit of a muddle. I only have a MacBook for my computer, and it is normally set up in an office space. I connect to the internet via a wifi, as I have a Netgear Wifi Modem, and all this works well. My iTunes library is in an external drive that I plug in, but recently I have being taking my MacBook to work and other places, and have had to eject the Hard Drive every time I want to move it MacBook. So I decided to buy a second hand Airport Extreme so that I could plug the hard drive in and access it wirelessly when at home. That was my intention, but I can not set it up.


I don't know what I am doing? I don't know if I am setting up a new network or joining a new one? The green light on the Airport Extreme has changed to a blinking orange one?

I can see my old Wifi name in the available networks, but I can not use it, it used to have lock next to it, but now it is lockless?

Should I connect the Netgear Modem and the Airport Extreme with a cable or will they talk over wifi?

Should I turn the wifi part of the netgear modem off, and just connect via the Airport Extreme? or should it be the other way?

I have lots of questions, but I think I have changed my settings so much that I am not sure where I am?


I think I need help. Thanks in advance, I am sure that this has been done before, but I can not find any place in the web to help me


Sir Pete

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plug the cable from the Netgear to the Airport to any of the four "normal" ethernet connectors instead of plugging it into the WAN (aka flower) connector. once you do that you should be able to config the Airport Extreme normally.

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