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Sir Peter

How To Set Up A Wifi Airport Extreme

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Good Afternoon Everyone


I have had this problem for the last two weeks and I think I have changed things so much to try and get this working that I don't really know where I am now. I had a wifi in the house using a Netgear wifi router, and this worked 100%, no fuss. Perfect. Wifi all over the house, MacBook connected without a problem.


Two weeks ago I purchased for a good price on eBay, an Airport Extreme (AE) so that I could plug an external hard drive in and access it around the house. This is where my problems started. I did not know how I should plug this AE in to the system. I plugged the AE in to the netgear router via an ethernet cable, and then I lost the internet connection, via wifi. How should I be accessing the internet when I have a netgear wireless router and an AE?


Should I disable the wifi part of the netgear router? I think I am very close to getting online, but I am just not doing something right. Since I messed around with all these settings trying to do this I can no longer get wifi over the netgear, and I am now connecting via ethernet cable into the MacBook, which is not exactly what I had in mind. And the AE is not working cause I think it needs the ethernet cable plugged in. When I have the ethernet cable plugged in I can get a Green Light on the AE, but I can not connected to the internet.


I think I have done a major stuff up here. I am not sure if I am connecting to network or if I am making a new network, and the set up procedure keeps asking me? What am I doing?


Also after trying to setup a couple of times, the little wifi pizza on the top of the computer becomes very faint and empty, then I can not even try and connect to any of the wifi connects in the area that I normally see?


Any advice or pointers would be helpful.







Think I am getting close when I get this far, but then it just searches for ever...



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start by getting the Netgear wifi working again. set it up exactly like it was before.


plug a ethernet cable between the Airport Extreme and the Netgear. both ends need to be connected to normal ports and NOT the WAN ports. on the Airport the WAN port has a "flower" looking icon above it.


the Airport should figure itself out automatically with the cable connected like this. the basis settings are Connect Using Ethernet using Bridge mode. under Airport in Wireless set the Wireless Security to WPA2 Personal (or Enterprise it doesn't matter). if it was my router I'd select N Only for the Radio Mode. you can name the router whatever you like. call it Nick.


now log into the Netgear. lacking this device I can't tell you the specifics but you want to turn the Radio Mode to B/G only. set the WPA password to use the same as the Airport. this will make sure the Airport runs at it's fastest mode always and you'll only have to remember one password to connect. now name the WiFi to bGick.


you should see Nick and bGick in the menu.


that's it.


if you can't see the Airport after making these changes, it's bad.

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Thanks Thanks Thanks, For about three weeks now I have been trying to get this to work, and your advice worked within 5 minutes. Thanks Thanks...

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