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Original iPhones being bricked by Apple

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My daughter has been using my original iPhone 2G/Edge for an iPod and You Tube player. It locked up last week and I had to do a restore. Since then it has been asking to be connected to iTunes which I did.

I had an old SIM card that wasn't activated but I put it in and no change. iTunes just shows "iPhone" in the main window. I thought maybe I needed to put an activated SIM in it. Problem is every activate phone in the house uses a micro SIM so I went to AT&T to see if they had an adapter. That's when the guy told me those phones can't be used any more effective last week. "Apple won't allow the phone to be used" is what he told me.

Anyone else heard of this? This will really make me angry if it's true. I bought a piece I didn't rent it.

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Mine still works fine, but I haven't plugged it in for awhile. I'll try to check it out again later when I'm home.


I think it was a bad restore. You might want to try downgrading the software. See How to downgrade

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never believe a sales person. ever. they would rather spin lies then to say "I don't know." because not knowing means they aren't trusted by the person they are selling to. knowing, or pretending to know puts that person in a position of power and trust. in sales, trust is the most important thing you can impart to a prospective customer.


there are a few options that I know for activating an iPhone.


0) some prepaid SIM cards can do the trick. or have done the trick. it's been a while since I messed with this method. last time I did it we had a AT&T prepaid SIM. it cost $10. supposedly other cards will activate a phone. I'm guessing you could be out lots of $10 cards before finding one that worked. when I did this last time asking Goggle for what currently works was the plan of attack.


1) use a Phonebook SIM. this kinda sorta worked last year. but I haven't tried this since. these were PrePaid Mobile SIM cards that you can buy from Radio Shack, Best Buy or other places that will activate an iPhone even though the weren't made for doing this job. PhoneBook SIMs cost between $5-15 depending on the where it came from. the thing with this "hack" is that it stopped working sometime during the 4.2.X upgrades. if your iPhone isn't current this might continue to work.


2) ask an AT&T rep or a Apple Genius for a SIM card. they will either give you one or it will cost like $5. if somebody asks tell them that your iPhone 4 has to go back for a repair and you want to use your old phone while it's gone. tell them you are fine with doing the ICCID setup using the online tool so they don't have to do it for you.


3) jailbreak it. blah, blah, blah that's bad. so what. you aren't taking revenue away from Apple or the Blue Death Star. PWNage Tool does the best job with this particular phone. it takes about half an hour after you download the .ipsw image. 3.1.3 (or 3.1.4) was the last version it could run. the hardest part is the button pushing timing required to put that thing into DFU mode.



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