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Rob Garrity

Photo Stream

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Hi folks,

First time posting to the forum. I've looked for a dedicated photo stream topic and found none. So I'm hoping this gets one started. I have enjoyed using photo stream

a lot but have some questions that I was surprised to find had no obvious answers on help. Admittedly I'm not very good searching for stuff like that. Anyway, here's the biggest:


How do you delete a photo from the stream once it's been uploaded.?


I've sent up tons of test shots and miscellaneous misfires that I'd sooner not be reminded of every time turn on my AppleTV.

I can't imagine that I'm the exception to the rule here.


Second question is: Is there a setting somewhere to keep your iPhone from immediately sending stuff up to the cloud before you had a chance to cull the bad photos?


I imagine switching to airplane mode would do the trick but it doesn't strike me as the most eloquent solution available.

I'm sure there are tons more questions out there, and as the days roll on, answers as well, I hope. In the meantime thank you all for your help. Adam, you Rock!



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Personally, I'm still avoiding iCloud because I've been .Mac for way too long to switch without a bunch of research and prep.


Anyway, I just saw MacBreak Weekly where Andy Inhatko said there is a specific setting where you can turn off Photostream. They also discussed the only way to 'delete' a photo from iCloud is to reset your iCloud photos (basically, deleting them all).


Like SO many things Apple does, this appears to be a beta rollout without saying it's beta. Give it six months or so for everybody to figure out how to do what it should and for Apple to update the process.

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Rob, thanks for starting this thread.


As far as I've heard, a photo, once streamed, is there until you shut off photo stream and delete all the pix therein, or else until it scrolls past the 1000 picture limit.


I have a slightly related question: Once I have photo stream pix in iPhoto, I'd like them to be added to the photo library so I can preserve them when I fill up the stream and start to lose them. there doesn't seem to be a way to do that. Nor do the pix get put in the camera roll so they sync to iPhoto in the normal way. Nor do photo stream pix form events (Unless each one is its own event, maybe?).


You can display PS photos with your library, but basically they are parallel streams and apparently never join.


Perhaps my use case is not what Apple had in mind for this feature. I may just turn it off and let my pix sync normally. But I'll give it a while first I guess.



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Actually, I now see what to do here: events are not automatically created, but if you click on the "Photos" entry on the left, you can select pix and create your own events. So maybe this isn't so bad after all.



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