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256GB SSD in a Mac Pro?

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Hi all,


I would eventually like to get a 256GB SSD as the system disk for my Mac Pro. I'm still using the 250GB HD that came with my Mac back in Nov. 2007. The drives the other three bays are at least 1.5 TB.


Byu, it serms that all of the SSD drives are 2.5". The drive bays are 3.5". How do i put a SD in these bays? Is the a 2.5" to 3.5" converter? If so, which model is recommended?





P.P. Yes, i do back up my system disk. Doing one now with SuperDuper.

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the 2007 MacBook Pro does not use a SATA port to talk to the optical. it's a PATA connector instead. this will ulitmately limit the speed of the SSD even if you use a bender to change the PATA to SATA.


so yeah, there are drive bay adapters that will hold a 2.5" drive here. you can spend a little or a lot. that is, about $25 or as much as $125 for the same thing. check eBay and OWC for theses products.


I did a project like this last year and had mixed results. the problem was that the SSD was too expensive to justifiy the hassle of setting up the /users/HOME directory with aliases or symlinks pushing the unimportant stuff to the spinning disk. for example you need move things like the Mail folder, music, video, pictures and other disk space intensive things but are not disk speed intensive. the good news is that installers are usually fine with symlnks. and aliases seemed to fare well for some of it as long as it wasn't in the system folder.



my tests showed the gain in performance wasn't worth $500. this year is a different story as the price of SSD drives is hovering around $150. and in 6 months you'lll be crazy if you don't remake all your old computers into SSD hybirds.


if it was my project right now I would remove the hard drive and replace it with the SSD. then I'd consider a 750G or a 1T drive in the drive bay using an adaper.

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