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Waldo Pepper

iCloud & sync

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I am about to move over to Lion and iCloud.


My wife an dI have 2 different systems effectively but we share the same address book data using mobile me. Only I have the mobile me account.


Can we both use iCloud as separate entities, but somehow share the same address book?




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I actually have a similar question/problem.


My wife and I both have an iPhone and iPad (iOS 5.0.1) synced with a Mac (Lion). We want to have all of our calendar, contacts and information synced over so we use iCloud with one account. And it syncs beautifully and almost instantaneously as well.


Here is the problem. Now that we are using iMessage on all devices, each of our devices switch back and forth in "My Info" seemingly randomly so that her devices sometimes switch to my address card in "My Info" and vice versa. The email addresses connected to the corresponding iMessage work fine, but sometimes the icon/avatar and thus the "My Info" link switch back and forth.


We like having all of our iCloud information synced to one account for information, but "My Info" switching back and forth randomly is annoying. Does anyone have a suggested fix for this?



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