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Recommended weather program for Mac OS?

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Hi all,


I was a long time WeatherBug user when I ran Windows. Now that I have switched to Mac OS (Nov. 2007), I have not found a really good weather software. Most that I have seen just show current temp and forecast from the menu bar. I'm looking for something that shows Doppler radar. I really would like to to have the iPad version of WeatherBug Elite on my Mac. Is there anything close?


I did find RadarScope in the MAS for $29.99. I do have RadarScope on my iPhone and like it. But, I was looking for something a little lower in price if possible.


Hmm, I'm in the Apple Developer program. I guess, I could set up virtual iPad using the iOS simulator but I haven't figured out how to set up the simulater, yet.




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I really like Meteo(rologist) for the quick menu bar stuff. It has current info as well as 9 day forecast for several cities and access to TWC current doppler, For more detail, I useWeatherSpark which is totally browser based but has a lot of great info and very customizable. Both are free.

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I accidentally found a weather program that meets my needs. Weather HD from the Mac App Store.


It was on sale for 99¢. I the the iPhobe app because it is "pretty" so i bought it. Today, I discovered that it has a variety of maps sumilar to WeatherBug.


Thanks & Enjoy life,


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