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Vintage Mac SCSI Hard Drives, IIcx or IIci Motherboard

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I am in need of at least 3 original type 50 Pin SCSI hard drives. Of course the bigger the better but I think the largest ever made was 9.1G? I could get by with less capacity than that of course. As long as they have some life left in them I'm not picky. ALL of mine for all 3 vintage mac's are dead. I would also take an external SCSI that would plug in via DB-25. Usually they were the 5.25 size drives but at this point beggars can't be choosers. Also my IIcx is dead as a doornail so I know that a IIci board would go right in. I would take the entire computer case and all. I realize a IIcx or IIci aren't exactly the most useful things these days but for what I'm doing they are perfect. Lastly, just a wish list item would be a Quadra anything tower style case working or not. Let me know whacha got laying around and what you want for them. FYI, I'm in the USA in the midwest for shipping purposes.

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