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Problem Syncing iPhone 4 & Itunes since installing ios5

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I'm a big fan of podcasts. I like to manually manage their syncing [as well as all my music files]. It's my morning routine, deleting played podcasts on my iPhone and manually dragging and dropping unplayed downloaded podcasts from iTunes via usb cable.


Since updating my iPhone 4 to ios5 I've experienced the following problems. When syncing, played podcasts on my iphone still appear as unplayed [blue dot] in itunes. On iPhone, fully played podcasts will sometimes appear as partially played [half blue dot] on the iphone & unplayed in iTunes. All music played on iPhone does not effect the play count in iTunes.


I posted this issue on the Apple Support Community and all work arounds suggested haven't solved my issue. Surely Apple is aware of this issue as my download habits are not unique in this world. I just want my iPhone to sync like it used to. I like alot of the ios5 features but would gladly revert to ios4 if that would remedy the situation [don't know how to].


Just to give you a frame of reference of my tech savvy abilities, I know enough to know that I don't know anything at all.

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I'm experiencing this same problem - hopefully somebody has a solution! I noticed it first when I tried to download the Tumblr app. It would just say "Waiting" for days (literally) and never actually download.


Next I tried updating other apps on my iPhone. Same thing happened. At this point I opened up iTunes and started running some updates. My iPhone was almost synced (wirelessly) when it lost it's connection to iTunes somehow and then disappeared - iTunes doesn't even see it now. I tried restarting the MacBook but that didn't help.


The next day I went to download some new podcasts directly to my iPhone. Three days later, they're still sitting in iTunes waiting to start the download.


It's like some weird voodoo took over my iPhone. I haven't tried actually hardwiring it into my computer yet but I'm afraid it'll try to wipe it, since it isn't recognizing it wirelessly anymore.

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Oh I shouldve said - I'm using an iPhone 4 and have Lion installed on my MacBook.

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