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Finding lost TV Shows on the iPad

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I thought I'd share a discovery I just made regarding TV Shows not showing up on my iPad 2.

I work in video, and wanted to copy some of my work to my new iPad from my MacBook Pro. First I encoded the videos to a format that iTunes and the iPad would understand. The H.264 codec is the best to use, in either QuickTime format (.mov file suffix), or MPEG-4 (.mp4). I then imported them into iTunes, to be able to copy them onto the iPad. In iTunes I selected the videos, gave them a name, and using the Get Info dialog (Command I), under the Options tab, set the Media Kind to TV Show (which is the available option closest to what they are). The videos then show up, logically, under TV Shows in the selection panel on the left in the iTunes window.

The sync with my iPad seemed to work fine: I have Sync TV Shows set to automatically include all episodes of all shows. But, when I looked under TV Shows in the Videos app on the iPad: nothing!

I was convinced the files had copied over. In iTunes on the Mac they were all showing up listed in TV Shows within the iPad section under Devices. And the amount of video content shown in the iPad Capacity bar in iTunes confirmed it. I did a search on the iPad for one of the programmes, and sure enough, there it was. It just wasn't showing up in the Videos app.

Then I looked at the listing of TV Shows on the Mac, in iTunes, and I noticed that all the new files had names... but no Shows! So I added show titles -- anything will do -- again using the Get Info dialog, resynced the iPad, and voila: there they all were, listed under TV Shows in the Videos app.

I hope this might prove useful to someone who has created and imported a video into iTunes, but hasn't thought about giving it a Show name.

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Nice tip. Thanks.

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