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Waldo Pepper

Email hosting?

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I currently host our website/email over at Hostgator, but due to email issues caused by Apple's Mail.app we are exceeding the maximum processes allowed (25). So i'm thinking about moving our email and having just the email part hosted somewhere else on a different server.


Can anyone suggest a good company that they have used before?


I have registered domains with GoDaddy before and know that they do it but would like some others that come with a recommendation.




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I feel like I'm answering this question blind because usually when I answer hosting questions I have to ask a few questions. with that in mind here's an answer that paints with broad strokes that might be applicable to everyone. there are different classes of hosting services. some are crap (no I'm not going to point them out). some services are business class with a price that reflects that. and other services are in the hobby project category. that is good for something but not awesome for everything.


Dreamhost is my hobby project server. it's unlimited for cheap. but that means you have to put up with a few things that could be problems if your business is dependent on having consistent uptime. if you search them out you'll find lots of people hate HATE them. but whatever. it's cheap enough that I can put my friends domains there for the price of them buying me a beer. the small downside is that you have to use the dreamhost DNS service which is also a bonus. it makes simple work of adding things like google apps or a mySQL server that isn't localhost. I've fling'd terrabytes of data from Dreamhost for my shows without a peep from support. so I love them for that.


the flipside of catchall hosting is Rackspace which has a dizzying array of offerings. their Cloud Sites product is likely to be the best option for you. this is business class hosting. it has lots of 9's after the 99. but one month of Rackspace Cloud will buy a whole year on Dreamhost. there are three downsides to RSC. bandwidth isn't media friendly. if you are popular you'll chew through the bandwidth provided. however, the most popular blog will never come close to using 500G a month. there is no command line access. and this can be maddening. the final thing is that all of it is on a meter and overages might add up. and while that might be downsides it's offset by the support this company offers. in working with them over the years I've never had to butt heads with buttheads like I have with other hosting companies. they know what they are doing.


if you want more control or even total control check out getting a VPS. these things are virtualized servers running on real hardware. you are in charge of it. that means running patches. updating software. and even screwing it up. you'll want a panel like cPanel or Plesk if you don't want to manage everything from the command line. this isn't for everybody because it's to you to run it. yes, you can ask for help from support but for the most part they don't exist for your every need.


if you only have an email problem consider using google apps. it's easy enough to set up. just register your domain and follow the steps for making the DNS changes. the downside is will be the number of users you can have for free. and if you need more it's costly. mind the TOS. and it comes with this warning from me: support from google sucks. completely and totally sucks. there's no email for support. no chat. there are lots of unhelpful help files. and some helpful ones. but if you run into a problem that needs a person to fix it you will be SOL.

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consider moving your domain out of goDaddy. there are way better options for domain registration and management. domainbargain, domainsite, hover, and name come mind. I've used all of them without issues.

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I can't recommend google apps enough. I use it for my own email and we use it at work (disclaimer: the company I work for is also a google apps reseller, but that's only because we believe in the product).

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