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Michael Dower

Old airport and busy network area

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I have an old airport express that is dropping constantly while streaming music or just big drops in speed. I ran a speed test and the ISP clocks in at a pretty good clip. I live in a dense network and there are 12 other wifi networks within range. The RSSI values fluctuate between -50 to -80 the transmit rate stays a constant 54. I don't really know much about RSSI and am seeking some help as to improve performance. I am on channel 1. Is all the "noise" in the neighborhood causing the problem and is there anyway to resolve it. Doesn't seem like it is the router. Perhaps this question has already been addressed in the forum or on a previous episode of the maccast. If so maybe someone could steer me to that? Thanks very much for your help.



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there might be a device on your network that is not 802.11G. it could also be a slow device trying to connect to your Airport. this would force the Airport Express to use 802.11B which is really slow. the way to fix this is to change the Airport to support G traffic only.


the Airport may be failing. I've seen this a few times. the Airport functions but it's inconsistent. replacing it witn a new model solved the problem. if you have Apple Care on any of your Macs that is current you can get Apple to replace your Airport for free.


you might try changing the Channel to 6 or 11. but my guess is that this isn't the problem.

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