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'4G' on iPhone 4S

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With iOS 5.1, I now have a '4G' connection. I use the quotes because no one really has true 4G. But, it does seem much faster so I think it's real.


Why does NO ONE really say anything about this. 4G is supposed to be a big deal, yet Apple nor the carriers mention the 4S is now a 4G device.

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people are idiots. marketing departments know this. who cares what G it is. it ALL sucks.

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I think all it meant was that AT&T finally got the legal right to call its HSPA+ network '4G.' The 4S has the capability to achieve faster speeds using that network but for whatever reason AT&T couldn't/wouldn't call it 4G until now. Like you said, not 'true 4G' but I don't think it's anything different than what's been on your 4S all along. Kind of like when Apple 'adjusted the AT&T bars' after Antenna-gate, simply a cosmetic change. That being said, you mention that it has been 'much faster.' Maybe this is just your perception (I'm not doubting you), maybe the chips to use that network weren't active or fully active until iOS 5.1, or maybe it really is 4G. I don't know, this is just the consensus I've been reading on the internet.

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