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Upgrading to iOS 5 and restoring

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While upgrading my wife's iPhone 4 to iOS 5 iTunes went through the entire process only to get an error message at the end of the process saying the phone could not be restored, "error (1)". We were left with a phone that only showed a graphic indicating that the phone needed to be plugged into iTunes.


Didn't find an answer on the Apple forums so I took it in to my Apple store. I had bought the phone online in October from Verizon and had neglected to back to get Applecare.


I walked in without an appointment. At first I was going to have to wait for an afternoon appointment but when they found out the nature of my problem they said they could squeeze me in between appointments because they might just swap out the phone.


Sure enough. After waiting for about ten minutes they found me and swapped out the phone and everything down to my wife's last photo and note was restored after I synched at home.

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It's a good thing that an early step in the Upgrade Process is to locally backup the phone.

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