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Airplay Headphones?

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Hi all,


Stereo Bluetooth headsets are nice. But, I would like to have Airplay headphones. Does such a beast exist?


Does Airplay carry better audio quality than Bluetooth? Or, are they about the same?


Noise canceling Airplay headphones would be ideal! But probably very pricey.




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the nature of BlueTooth devices is that they are low power and dumb. it uses the device attached to do all the heavy lifting. by comparison AirPlay requires the recieveing device to do a lot of work including decrypting the stream and decoding it for playback over it's analog output. uncompressed audio has a relatively low bandwidth requirement needing just 176K of data per second. which is within the design spec of bluetooth.


the 802.11 radios by comparison to BlueTooth have a much larger power requirement. even the antenna is larger. this is why you see almost all the Airplay devices powered by AC power.


there's also the problem of "not invented here". vendors are slow to adopt standards that Apple has made. and for good reason. sometimes these "specs" are just weird or stupid. look at ADC vs DVI. not one single PC vendor adopted ADC for displays. or the GeoPort which made possible software upgradable modems. but GeoPort wasn't just modems. there were plans for some really made some awesome telecom products by IBM, AT&T, Novel and Siemens but there was never a telephony product by any vendor other than Apple. or the HD-45 connector that carried audio, video, power and ADB and could capture S-Video. like that was ever going to be a standard.


the Bluetooth spec is supported and maintained by 15,000 members. this simply dwarfs Apple's efforts. anyone making a wireless would only look at Apple as a discussion point before dismissing it entirely. a product like JamBox exists because thousands of things can play to it.


anyway, don't look for Airplay headphone any time soon.







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