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Which iPad stand do you recommend?

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Hey everyone! I was wondering if anyone could recommend a good desktop stand for my new iPad. I'm looking for something really simple as it'll probably be on and off it regularly. Ideally it'll have some kind of protection (soft surface) so that the iPad won't get scratched. Thanks in advance, I really appreciate it! =D

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what is the task that needs a stand? the stand for typing is different then the stand for a presentation (aka watching something). without knowing what you are trying to do everyone will just guess. the stand to support the iPad as a musical instrument also comes with 20 questions.


that said, here's what is in use around my office and why:


the iPad 2-3 cover/stand from Apple. it does two things well. it holds the iPad up in horizontal mode well enough. and the color of it helps the person find the specific iPad they need to do testing.


there is a portfolio style case that is used when somebody is traveling with one of the iPads. we got it so it could go into any bag to hold up to the rigors of travel. as it's traveling right now I'll have to post the brand/model later.


I really wanted to like the DodoCase but it's not a case that I like. it's got a nice story behind it. and the guys that make it are just down the street from my office right next to a restaurant I totally like.

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i use "the walle".....a great desktop stand.

it matches the stand on my imac and you can also rotate the ipad from portrait to landscape, as you want to.

well made and functional

take a look at it.


chris watts


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