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Hi, do any of you have a recomandation for a good bloggin platform? I'm going away to study in endland and would like to keep my family in the loop.


I'd like it to be

- Free

- Very easy to use

- Have a nice interface and be easy to customize. No comic sans for me please!

- Have a setting where you can make it private for those that don't have a password


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I've been using tumblr for a while now and I really like it. I don't have any experience with private tumblr blogs but a quick Bing Search brought up this post where it explains how to make a private blog.


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posterous. you seek posterous.


I did a tour of the all the free "blog" tools because this question comes up around me all the time. all of them come with a ton of ready to go designs that really look good.


if I was looking for a hosted service because I didn't want to bother with Word Press I would look at Tumblr, Posterous, and in that order. be sure to take a tour of SquareSpace just in case the former doesn't do something. make a free account poke around in them and then decide. [wordpress] [tumblr] [posterous]


until recently it was hard to justify SquareSpace because the bandwidth was something rediculously small. like 200 megs. this is fine for a lessor blog or something free. but unthinkable for something that gets any kind of traffic.


dreamhost is a full on web hosting company charges "half" of what SS charges for their unlimited account. so you really have to want a specific template or feature to be able to justify them. DH is what I use to for all my hobby projects:, and all kinds of other expirements.


if you want "just a page" or five for videos consider using it's customizable. and dead easy to use. I was able to get it to match a blog that I rarely post to:

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