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How to subscribe to MacCast Member podcast in new iOS Podcasts app?

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Is there a way to do this?


I'm able to subscribe without problem using apps like iCathcer, but don't see a way to do this in the new Podcasts iOS app.



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Yes but you have to mess about. Look here (Apple release iOS Podcast app) and maybe listen to the relevant show if you've not already done so.

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I just covered this on the last show, but you can enter the URL directly into the Search Box in the app (Pull down to reveal).


For protected feeds if you put the username and password in the URL you CAN directly subscribe in the app and it should work.





Obviously replace the 'username' and 'password' in the URL above with your login credentials.


Now a couple BIG warnings:

  1. Make sure if you do this that the site supports connecting to the feed via SSL (https://). If you connect via http:// only be aware your username and password will be transmitted in the clear.
  2. While I'm fairly certain the request with SSL is sent encrypted after the TCP connection is established. It does appear that since the credentials are contained in the URL (GET) request that that info could be still stored on the server in the SSL access logs in the unencrypted form. http://stackoverflow...-urls-encrypted
  3. DO NOT use any of the sharing features in the app (email, tweet, etc.) because these send out the subscription URL, which in this case would contain your login info

So it can be done, but be careful. The above issue can (and should be) mitigated further by the fact that you should be using separate, secure usernames and passwords for everything. If you are doing that, then even if you somehow exposed your podcast login credentials the worst that should happen is someone else could access the membership shows using your account. Probably more of a problem for me than you. ;)

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