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Sleep is not an option?

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So, it's been a LONG time since I've visited and I'm happy to see that the forum is doing well. Sadly, I felt drawn to post because of a really unsatisfactory experience I've had with my Non-retina MBP 15" that is about 8 months old. After upgrading to mountain lion, i couldn't get the display to come back on after going to sleep and I'd have to force power it off then back on to be able to use it. I tried resetting the SMC per the advice on the apple support forum which worked for one day. Then every time I'd put it to sleep it would happen again. I thought a sleep function that worked was one of the best things about apple/OSX. I called apple care only to be told that I was doing it wrong and should always power down the computer when i'm done using it and that programs like Mail could corrupt the OSX if it were checking for mail when i put it to sleep. I exclaimed surprise to the tech since this has never happened before in my 7 years of having a mac portable with various forms of OSX. His only remedy is to reinstall the operating system. The tech also didn't think I should bother backing up before I reinstalled. Am I losing my mind or am I really doing it wrong. Has anyone experienced the same issue? I've posted about my experience on the apple support forum too as my conversation with apple care was just a few minutes ago.

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Is it just the display that doesn't come back on or does the whole computer not come out of sleep? You're definitely not losing your mind, the suggestions that the Apple tech gave you just seem ridiculous. There's no reason that you should have to shut down your computer instead of putting to sleep and the fact that you were told that you wouldn't have to back up before you reinstall the operating system makes me really question this person's tech support ability. There's definitely something wrong with your computer and since you're still under AppleCare I would strongly suggest trying to call them again and hopefully you'll get a better tech support person this time. If you're near enough to an Apple Store I would definitely suggest going in for Genius Bar appointment so you can at least show them what's going on. Try resetting the PRAM (though I'm not sure that will help). You could try reinstalling the OS but in all honesty, this sounds much more like a hardware problem than a software one. The only thing I could think about on the software side was if you had some sort of app or utility that you used that controlled the sleep mode on the Mac and it's having compatibility issues with Mountain Lion. Otherwise, this sounds like hardware.


In short, keep trying with AppleCare/Genius Bar. You're still covered under warranty and if I were you, I'd do what I can to report (well, 'report' is kind of a bad word) the AppleCare tech support person that you spoke with. The 'advice' you received just makes no sense.


Report back when you get this issue solved and let us know what was going on.


Good luck!

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you are not doing it wrong:


1) it worked before. as you noted, you've been using you Mac this way for a long time. we all have.

2) if shutting down was the "proper" thing we must all do WHERE is this in the Knowledge Base?

3) if you search for "MacBook Pro won't sleep" you'll find 10 years of problems with this feature. it doesn't, it won't, it used to, I tried and all that.

4) becuase some tech support knob tells you something on the phone means it's true. uh, huh… sure buddy. "made up tech knowledge" is rampent. most of these guys were not experts prior to taking calls. they don't have 5+ years of experience trouble shooting. go to a tech retail store and have somebody explain the difference between HDMI cables, replacement batteries or memory cards for your camera. what "that guy" will tell you is staggeringly wrong.


prove that it worked by running your bootable backup disk that you have because you replaced it with a new one because of the upgrade. if you don't have that (imagine me pointing a finger at you with one of those looks) you can install the your old OS onto an external drive (or an iPod) for and boot from it. that way you can point back saying "SEE it WORKS!"


I had words with a airquotes Genius once and gave him both barrels in the "how'd we do survey." basically the guy called me a liar. the MacBook was problematic and because of the way that people use them in my office it has to be catistrophic to get one out of their hands and in for a repair. so this Mac had 4 or 5 problems. the bad hard drive that had been replaced for a something larger long before went back into it because sometimes working drives come back wiped. besides the rule had been "take it back to them as stock as possible" to avoid the "repair denied because of user upgrades" reason. the downgraded Mac didn't boot, could not read or write DVDs, had a bad U key, the trackpad button didn't, the WiFi wouldn't connect to N, the left USB port was fried and the screen was dim. it was going to come back as a new Mac. except the pinhead airquotes Genius booted it up from a USB disk, inserted a CD which read, clicked around the trackpad button until he found a spot that clicked, etc… I was sent away as "it works" and "customer abused it."


I left and rescheduled for a return two days later. hours later I go that survey, filled it out and didn't think about it. when I came back the next Genius started helping me and five minutes in said, "shit, this is the Mac that got Ryan fired." then he got really quiet and said, "thank you!"


stand up to them. don't take, "it works that way" as a reason.

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