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Thanks for the show! (About time!)

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Just wanted to say I love the show! I have been listening to it ever since THINKING about switching to a Mac and your show really made the difference and had me buy my first Mac!


My first mp3 player was an iPod Shuffle (the first generation, I miss that stick form factor!) and I discovered Podcasts playing around in iTunes back in 2005.


The Maccast was one of the top podcast in the Mac category so I subscribed to it and have been listening ever since.


You managed to keep your content interesting and free for so many years it's unbelievable! I love the format of the show: a bit of news, some tips and tricks, some rants... It's like having a conversation with fellow Mac geeks! :)


Anyway, thanks for all the work you put into this show!


It's about time I get on this forum! ;)

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I agree.


I remembering listening to my first Maccast about the same time, while going for a pleasant country walk on a hot summer's day.


Admittedly, it might be the 'hot summer's day' bit that makes the occasion particularly memorable, since they're as common round

here as hen's teeth, but I do remember thinking 'Wow, this is great!' - and I haven't missed a Maccast since.

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