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Sticker for white macbook trackpad button

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Hi, does anyone of you know where I could buy a sticker that would cover my trackpad button? (sister spilled nail polish on it, so rather cover it up so it dosen't happen again)


Thank you!

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from: http://forum.maccast.com/index.php?/topic/18457-removing-nail-polish-from-mac/


practically any sticker will cover that button. make a template by drawing around it with a pencil and some paper. think rubbing art from 3rd grade. then cut and trim to fit. next lay the paper template on top of your favorite sticker and cut around it. remove the back and stick the sticker.

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PS: after I wrote my solutions back in May I actually did a top case swap for my friends MacBook that had a bad E key. there are two things to note about the part. the first is there are TWO models and the tops are not interchangeable. A1181 & A1342 are the models. make sure to match the model number with the what you are buying. otherwise you'll have to re-sell your mistake. if you don't like eBay you can find parts on Amazon. the difference will be cost.

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