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Safari 6.0 Web Content crashing repeatedly...

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I've been experiencing repeated crashes of Safari Web Content (which takes Safari itself with it, of course). I don't think I've noticed this until 6.0. I'm running it on two machines, one with Lion and one with Mountain Lion, and both show the problem.


It is possible that this didn't start until my recent installation of 1Password. There is a known problem that appeared to be due to 1Password, but it turned out that this was due to a bug in auto proxy handling in Apple's networking code. The fix was to disable auto proxy handling. But I already had it disabled, so that doesn't seem to be my problem.


Anyone else seeing this? Has anyone a clue how to overcome this? Presumably Apple is getting the crash reports, so I hope someone there is looking into this. It's getting a bit annoying, because it happens several times a day and usually when nothing whatever is happening in Safari proper (when I'm working on another program, for example).

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the first thing to do is see turn off onepassword and see if it still does it.




make a new user, switch to it and see if it still crashes.

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