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iPhone 3G jailbreak

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Hi to the forum once again


Basically this is a quick one, got a friend who's got a iPhone 3G, he left his company (Orange) and after leaving them asked to get his iPhone 3G unblocked, they said sorry no can do, you should have done it when you said you were leaving not after you finished the process, now officially your not a customer so there's nothing we can do (such nice people aren't they!).


So he wants to unblock it to use on his new contract, I gave him a webpage calle doctorsim which allows unblocking but they cant do it for that company so he needs to jailbreak it. I have no idea how to do it, I know there's several ways but which is best.


Cheers for any help in advance


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a 3G. it's really old so you best option is the PWNAGE tool. it's simple enough to use but you will have trouble with the DFU sequence. we all did.

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Cheers John, that'll do.


Honestly Im not doing it for him, Ill only get blamed if something goes wrong.


So Ive sent him the link and he can do the rest, not sure if he'll bother in the end but right now the phones just works as an iPod etc so he's not got too much to lose I guess.

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