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one thing we know about tech is that there will always be something better just around the corner. as the tech buyer for the company I work for I am completely aware of this. the rule that I use is when you need something you need it. there is not a single reason to wait even if the wind is telling you that next week something better. I look for the best thing possible that falls in the sweet spot on a price/performance curve and get that. this has worked well for desktop/notebook computers whether they are made by Apple or any other vendor.


the last round of this was in the face of the new "Retina" MacBook. the developer wanted a new Mac and because he was savvy asked to wait. and we did. so when that new Mac came out it made buying a 13" MBP that much more clear. another person I know scrambled to find the last generation of 17" MPBs because the screen was more suitable for his work. and the fact that there will never be another Mac like it. it wasn't about newest in either case although that was the motivating factor in what they ended up with.


one thing that I know about the iThings is that there will always be a home for them. nobody has ever said "no" to my question, "hey, do you want my old iPhone?" I have passed 3 of them on so far. and I'm only doing that because I was gifted a newer iPhone. yes, I'm behind by two generations. so what? it works. I can see a Russian rocket launch at the pub. I can post pictures from the World Series. and it makes calls. not that I call anyone. plus, I'm excited that I can finally use the bottle opener case somebody gave me.


the iPads are different. there are a few of them in the office. we test stuff with them. but nobody really uses them beyond that unless they are traveling somewhere. and then it's the suck because the stupid things don't support the old XVID video codec. meaning there's a scramble for re-encoding movies at the last minute, then then complain about sound sync issues.


I will add iPads (and other devices as we need them) but we don't need the fleet. the iPad 3 aka iPad is similar spec'd to the iPad 4 (aka iPad) so it won't get replaced. the iPad 1 (aka iPad) will stick around because the screen is the same resolution as the iPad Mini (aka iPad mini) so we won't be getting one of those any time soon because why? look, there isn't even a functionality difference. they all do Angry Birds the same. those birds don't fly faster because the iPad is faster. and typing on them basically sucks for anything longer than a URL or a Tweet.


I misspoke about functionality differences. the iPad 1 (aka iPad) doesn't have a camera. but so what. eventually it will be a synth or a picture frame or something equally demeaning to it's power. or some lucky kid will get it only to destroy it soon after.


and that's the thing with these things. the surface computers are like rechargeable AA batteries. you know, very useful and nearly disposable. when a computer was $2500 it was something you have to think buying about because the SALES TAX is a 3rd the cost of an iPad Mini (aka iPad mini) and half way to that full size iPad (aka iPad 4) which is big enough to type on.


another way to think about iPads is to compare them to reading glasses. if you need glasses to read you end up getting multiple frames to leave in the places that you read. this is what will eventually happen with your iOS things. you'll have one for near the TV. another will be for your music. another will help you study. the oldest will drive a telescope. just like any tool it will migrate to where it needs to be used.


finally, if you think that the devices are expensive the cost of software for it totally makes up for it.

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