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iPhone battery vs. IOS6.0.1

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Anyone else notice an increase in battery drain after updating to IOS 6.0.1? After upgrading to IOS6 on my iPhone 4, I noticed a decided increase in battery time, until I updated to 6.0.1. Now the battery drains much faster. I have checked all the push and pull settings, but there's nothing new or changed other than the update.

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Hmm, nobody here has experienced this battery drain? Well, following a thread on the Apple Support forums showed at least 4-5 others that this was happening to, but a majority of the reports involved Exchange, which I am not using. At any rate, the one solution that seemed to work was a complete Reset of the iPhone. This I did in conjunction with moving the default connection of the iPhone to my MacBook Pro from my Win7 desktop machine. That computer had just experienced its second SSD failure and was not going to be in service until I got my replacement drive from OCZ. At any rate, that seemed to work, however, the battery still appears to be draining faster than with IOS 6.0, but not as fast as before. I think that there is still a bug in the IOS 6.0.1 that causes this to happen.

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