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Help upgrading iMac OS X 10.4.11 to 10.6

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I have an iMac I got in 2007. Currently, updated to OS X 10.4.11. Tried going to Apple.com and looking for downloads but can't find for this earlier version (10.6)


I'm trying to run Chrome which needs system to be 10.6 or later.


Stupid question: How can I get to this version easily?


Also trying to do the same for my Macbook



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there are three ways to get 10.6:


buy a disc from person selling on eBay. the price will vary from $20 to $99 and might even have "free" shipping.


check your local CraigsList listing. the prices there are insane. never mind.


find you local Hacker Space then ask for help. somebody will have an install disc.


or not care about getting "an original" by downloading a torrent. copy the downloaded image to a thumb drive or old hard drive to do the install because DUAL layer DVDs might not be supported on your old Mac.

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