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Waldo Pepper

Importing an old podcast into iTunes

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I have found an old members podcast that i wanted to re-download. I went to the maccast site and downloaded the episode from the members section and imported it into iTunes.


The problem is that it appears in it's own folder in the podcast section. So when I view all my subscribed podcasts I have 2 folders now for the maccast. I've looked at the file and can't see any difference in the metadata between the re-downloaded podcast file and all the other podcast files that are in the other folder.


Ideally I'd like the re-downloaded podcast to be in the same folder as all the other maccast podcasts.


Can anyone help?

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click the file that is filed wrong.

type Command-I.

select Options.

change the Media Kind to Podcast.

click OK.




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The media kind for the file is podcast already.


It appears in the podcast section in iTunes but as a different "show". Looking at the metadata, the "show" names are both listed as "maccast".



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