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Ipad 4 colors

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D.a.v.e    0

Is anyone else bothered by the strong blues and reds of the new ipad?


It's so bad coming from a ipad1 I may return it and wait for the 5th gen? Just can't get used to the strange colors..

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Rick    0

I just got the iPad 4 yesterday, upgrading from my iPad 1. I'm really disappointed with the colors so far. Many of the colors seem blown-out/oversaturated and there is this very strong presence of yellow/green. For instance, the nice warm texture of the calendar border doesn't seem 'real' anymore, but more cartoonish. The iPad 3 seems be the same.


I read on another forum that there will be color variations based on the screen manufacturer -- Samsung, LG, I think Sharp makes some as well. I hear Samsung leans yellow while LG tends pink. Maybe you have a screen from Sharp? Someone said the colors may settle out over several days. Have you noticed any change?


Too bad. I really like the color balance on the iPad 1.

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johnfoster    48

is your iPad black or white?

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