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Bad blocks found.... solutions?

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Hi-I have a MacBook Pro with Drive Pulse activated (Drive Genius software). My computer is over 3 years old. For about 2 months now, every 2 weeks or so, I get a critical error warning about my internal hard drive. This has been successfully fixed with Disk Warrior but it keeps coming back. I got a different warning this morning-3 bad blocks were found.


I have those 2 utilities in addition I have Tech Tool Pro.


What I am wondering is: is my hard drive on it's way out? It's a 500GB, 2.53 GHZ, Intel Core 2 Duo. I booted up Disk Utility and it said nothing was wrong.


Can any of these utilities I have successfully repair bad blocks?


Just wondering what the course of action is I need to take so that I don't lose any downtime. Thanks so much for any help for this somewhat techy grandma! Judy

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hard drives that are older that 3 years old can be problematic. if you keep getting bad blocks replace the drive.

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I took your advice and ran with it-the next day the number of bad blocks multiplied to 23 so I took it in on Friday and I am getting a 512 SSD put in! Merry Christmas to me..... Thanks for replying...... Judy

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