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macbook air i7 vs macbook pro core 2 duo late 2008

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So I'm looking to upgrade to a new computer and my current one is my late '08 2.53 Ghz C2D macbook pro. My mac book pro does have the 9600m GT in it with 512mb of VRam. I was wondering how the video performance would compare to the intel HD 4000 paired with the 2.0 Ghz i7. I don't do heavy gaming any more but figured I'd check out how the two compare to each other. I know you typically don't compare a dedicated card to a integrated card, but, I figured the 9600 was pretty old to the point where a comparison would be close. I still do some games on the side but they are mostly non-gpu heavy. I would of course sell my MBP after I purchase the air, so I would not keep the Pro.


All thoughts are welcome!

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the GPU isn't as big a deal as nearly everyone thinks it is for "day to day" computing. also the Intel Graphics 4000 that so many pundets are so quick to throw under a bus because "it's integrated" is a GPU. granted it's not a very powerful multicore GPU that will help in on the fly graphics generation for games. but it's fine for doing photos, editing videos and even doing 3D work with tools like Blender and Maya. for any of these tasks it would be nearly impossible to tell the difference between the IG4000 and the latest nVidia GPU.


I know this because I use to review video cards for a Mac magazine now long gone. I'd do a bunch of tests with the stock card in a Mac Pro then replace it with the newer faster better card. and the only time there was a noticable difference was when you played the latest game which allowed turning on all the visual features and play at the same frame rate as the old card with none of that on. the other program that mattered was Motion Builder because it had a concept of GPUs.


one other program that showed improvement was Motion. all of it's effects used like 12 triangles so there was no difference between cards. when it did get better was for affects that used video as a texture. having more RAM let longer clips play in realtime.

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