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AIR VIDEO (Multiple Movie Folders)

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Hi All,

Wonder if anyone can help a complete newbie !


I use an APP (with all my iOS Devices) called Air Video - love using it and it works great for me.

I have movies spread out in multiple locations local drive, a couple of external drives and a NAS drive.

In order to see all these files / folders in Air Video i just add the folders to the destination folders in the AIR VIDEO APP on my iMac.

This works but it shows all the folders and all sub folders in air video.


is there any way to set up some kind of link or shortcut folder or smart folder with all (only) my movies (all formats and types) then list just one location in Air Video?

It currently takes me an age to sift through and find movies from multiple folders to watch via air video.


Am i missing a simple trick or maybe even a better APP to solve this with a search facility?


any help would be great....


a confused....


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