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Since upgrading to iTunes 11, Spinning beach ball every time I open.

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Every time I open iTuness 11, after about 30 seconds I get the spinning wheel of death for about 3 minutes. Most of the time it comes back but occasionally it locks up the Mac fully. I have a MacBook Pro 1st Thunder Bolt generation, Core I7, 8GB RAM.


I have disconnected all USB and Thunderbolt connections and still every time I get it. I've deleted all of my itunes PLIST files, I do not have itunes match or the genius on, I've unchecked all the Store options in the preferences. I'm running 10.8.2 with ALL patches of all programs. It seems like it has to do with the Apple Store and possibly the cloud services even though I have all of them off? I think it's iTunes phoning home to Apple...Also I have a decently fast Internet at the office and it does it anywhere I'm connected to the internet. I've noticed that iTunes (not responding) is what shows up in activity monitor.


I've now tested it without any internet, still does it .....





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two things:


disable "show iTunes in iCloud purchases" in Preferences.


change the search from "Search entire library" to "search Music" (or what ever library you are searching.

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Yeah I did that and turned off Genius and iTunes Match and still does it.....


Anyone else having this issue?

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