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Looking for a vector drawing program

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Boy, do I miss MacDraw! I have a need for a vector drawing program that:


a) Provides scaling of the drawing elements

B) doesn't cost too much (OmniGraffle at $100 is too much for me).


I need this to draw a floor plan of a house I own. I don't need a lot of fancy features, just the ability to draw rectangles that are scaled properly.


Any suggestions?

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Other suggestions:


For something that's specifically tailored to floor plans and room layouts, you could give Sweet Home 3D a try -- it's a Java app so it's not 100% Mac-like, but it's free.


Also in the "free but not very Mac-like" stakes, the LibreOffice suite includes a fairly serviceable drawing app, and Inkscape is fairly powerful but probably isn't for the faint-hearted (or at least those who don't know their way X11 and Linux apps).


For a vector drawing app that *does* have a native Mac interface, iDraw is pretty good value at $25. They have a cheaper iPad version too, but I haven't tried that so don't know what you'd be missing out on.

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I will tentatively second Google Sketchup, but only because people have told me it's good for doing things like floor plans. I have never personally used it. I have played with, but not used, Live Interior 3D, from Belight. They have a standard version that is $49.95 and a free trial.

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