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really? movie tickets…

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- Purchase movie tickets through Fandango with Siri (USA only)


I have never woke on any morning and said, "I wish movie tickets could be purchased by talking to a robot. but ONLY in the You Ess of Aye." nope. never. not even in that space between awake and asleep where you do anything you could ever imagine. this is the kind of thing that should be a dot oh release. it shouldn't be a dot number.


it's things like this that make people who write about or take care of technology go, "so Apple really isn't serious about solving REAL problems? let's look at other places to spend our money."


I do wish for things like a better podcast application. maybe use the SAME interface as iPod oh wait, it's called Music now. how about fixing that thing where mail stalls for minutes while it builds a search table. load time for the camera could always be faster. or clean up the wonky bookmarks interface in Safari. oh hey, maybe make the CLOCK icon move the hands to the approximate time. of course there's the whole everything wrong with the System Preferences layout. for example it takes 5 clicks to dim the screen: home button. damn it's bright. slide to page two. prefs. brightness panel. adjust.


it's these kinds of thing that needs to have attention. not movie tickets, please.

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