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Would You (DVD Labels...)

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Hi Everyone,



I should be receiving some dvds soon with hand-written labels. Is it possible, or even worth the time, to make your own dvd labels?


I've been looking at some that you can order online. I also know you can use software.

  • My MS Word for Macbook Pro has templates.

Personally, (I wouldn't know if these labels can be printed or if it affects dvd playback within the Macbook Pro.)



Please share your thoughts and opinions.


Warmest Regards,



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Avery used to make a Mac program called Design Pro. but it's been EOLd. the replacement is this online tool. I'm sure it works okay. you can also download the templates for Illustrator, InDesign or Word. but doing work like this in Word is weird.

Smile on My Mac makes a program called DiscLabel that does run on your Mac. it has all the features that the Avery program had. it supports LightScribe if you DVD burner has this feature. it seemed cheap at $35 when it came out 4 years ago. but with the way apps are priced now that's like the media budget for 3 months.

Roxio Toast comes with Disc Cover. if you burn a ton of discs Toast is the best tool to do this kind of work. you can make any of the industry standard formats and hybrids. it supports BluRay burners as well as writing LightScribe media. Toast rolls in at $80. cheap if you ask me given what kind of work I've done in the past with it.

when I send a disc to a client it gets a label no matter what. it makes me and my company look better. all the programs above do the job of making labels. in fact, I've used them all over the years.

label hints:

when peeling the label from the sticker page go slowly, working your way around the circle so it lays flat. if you pull it from just one direction it will curve making it harder to stick on the CD/DVD.

you need to have sticker platter or a ring guide to use to align the sticker on the media. if the sticker isn't exact the disc will spin incorrectly. this causes read errors or the drive won't read the disc at all.

practice putting stickers on your coasters (bad burns) before committing to your final disc. you will get it wrong at least once.

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It's absolutely possible to print your own DVD labels, and as noted above there is lots of good Mac software available for designing and printing labels.


However, it's not necessarily a good idea. Memorex, for example, recommend against paper labels because "the expansion and contraction of moisture in the paper and the accumulation of heat in a DVD drive can alter the flatness of a disc enough that it falls out of the tilt specification and may not be able to be read". Self-applied paper labels also have a habit of becoming slightly unstuck at the edges after a couple of years, which can result in the label catching on the edge of the slot when you're ejecting the disc. If you're unlucky (as I have been, more than once), it'll get caught before the disc makes it out, and it'll be stuck in the drive.


If you can lay your hands on a printer that supports them, inkjet-printable DVDs (which have a matte white surface on one side) or LightScribe-able DVDs are much preferable in terms of disc longevity.

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the way i look at it is that if a DVD or CD is going to a client it is going to get a label. it just looks better. if the DVD is for an archive it doesn't even get written on. I will put it in a paper sleave and write on that instead. when I was making MASTER discs that were sent to a replicator I used a plastic CD tray that had a post it note on the outside. I made sure there wasn't a finger print on the top and bottom because one vendor yelled at me once for being careless claiming that the read error was caused by that.


umm… sure.

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