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Sir Peter

How To Connect iMac To Network

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My wifi network has really got me stumped. I am not sure what is happening, or how to fix it and I am hoping that I can get assistance, or advice from someone with more experiance than I.


I will explain my set up. I am in the UK, so I use BT as my internet provider. I have a Netgear wireless router connected to the phone line for this, and from this route connected via a cable I have an Airport Extreme, which I have names Our Airport. I then connect to the internet via this wifi connection Our Airport.


On the network I have two philips Air wireless speakers, one iMac, my MacBook that I am using now, and Ipad and an iPod. Now I did have a problem about 6 months ago when I opened up the MacBook, the iPod which was streaming music at the time just dropped off the network and would not reconnect. It took me about 6 months of trying this and that to finally get it back up online which was about a month ago.


I was happy as all my devices were able to connect to the network. All worked well together and well. Last night while I was streaming a TV program on the iMac, I decided to use the MacBook while watching, and the minute I opened up the MacBook the same thing happened to the iPod, the second the MacBook connected to the network, the iMac lost connection, and now I can not get it back online for love nor money. I don’t know what to do?


Every other devices are working fine, apart from the iMac. Now not being that great with computers, I am not sure what to do, is my connection a PPPoE? I am not sure, as this is what the system is asking me when I go into the set up area.


Then I read that I should connect the Netgear router directly into the iMac and set up this way, I am really not sure, and would love a bit of advice on how to reconnect the iMac to the web via my Airport, so that I can use the wireless speakers, and everything else.


Any help or pointers would be great, is there a chat room that Mac Users hang out for a bit of live online help?





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sounds like the typical DOUBLE NAT problem. make sure to plug the Airport into the Netgear using any of the ports EXCEPT for the WAN port. that's the one that looks like a circle.


turn OFF DHCP in the Airport. it might turn itself off automatically because of the cable. but check it the to be sure.


and that should do it.

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Yeah, if your Netgear is also a wireless router it looks like it and your AirPort are trying to coexist…which isn't really happening. Personally, if I were you, I'd put the Netgear router into bridge mode (which is turning off the DHCP) so it acts like a modem and I'd use the AirPort as my router. Apple's AirPort Utility for the Mac is nice and easy to understand and other router interfaces are generally more confusing. That being said, what John suggested would work, too - in that case you're just using the Netgear as your router and putting the AirPort in bridge mode.


Be sure to post back and let us know if this worked.

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I have a fairly similar network in that I have a Netgear modem/router connected to an ADSL2+ service and although that can serve over wireless the range is poor so that feature has s been turned off and I use an AirPort Extreme, plugged into the Netgear device, to broadcast the signal. I also have two AirPort Expresses working via that using WDS to boost the range as the two home office-based Mac minis have poor reception. (They're actually hard-wired into one of the AXs via a switch and AiRport is turned off on them.) An iPod touch, iPhone and iPad are used every day for streaming and aside from occasional dropout (which may be down to local interference) they usually stay connected. Having said that I have had the occasional problem with the iPod touch losing its connection in that whilst the IP Address and Subnet Mask fields are populated the Router and DNS fields weren't - the solution being to restart the AE. I don't know what BT charge for their modem/router these days but the latest version - the Home Hub 3 - is pretty good and may be worth investing in as it has a clear and clean web interface. (I know as I've just installed one for my mum.) That's not to say you shouldn't use your AE for the wireless functionality - though if you don't need it you could always sell it and offset the cost of the BT box.

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