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Safari 6.0.3 Won't Load Images on Webpages!

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Hi Everyone,


I was curious as I messed around on my computer today..


I believe I messed with Safari Preferences and/or Java...because now the images won't load as I'm going to various webpages. They look like blank squares and/or no logos. "Google" looks funny and I'm certain "Facebook" will too.


This isn't affecting the way images load on Camino--just Safari--but I still haven't figured out what I did. Especially, to limit images and logos on websites.



Please help. :(


Garvice 2010

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Do you have the Developer menu enabled? There's a toggle in that menu that says 'Disable Images' - you might want to check that. You could always just wipe and reinstall Safari but, unfortunately, I don't know of any good way of doing that other than re-applying the latest OS X combo update since Safari is packaged with the system now and Apple doesn't provide stand-alone downloads anymore.

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Uber Apple Geek,

Your suggestion did the trick. :D Luckily for me, I discovered the "Disable Images" under Safari's Develop column...(Shortly, after I posted this panic-mode help question.) Thank you so much ;) --Heart Attack averted. :)

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