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Corrupted Reminders

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I have a handful of regular - i.e. repeating - Reminders and recently discovered that none of them had popped up this month. (Two were due on the 1st and another on the 7th then the 14th - the former being monthly and the latter being weekly.) On examining them they all had a peculiar structure with features I'd not seen before and which I see no reference to on the relevant Apple resources. Prior to them being corrupted - as I'm presuming they have been - they had the following set...

- Remind me "On a day" with a date and time.
- Repeat: Every Week or Every Month.

...and now they have the following additional fields...

- Due (Checked)
- All-Day (Not Checked)
- Date (Set)
- Time (Set)

...between the previously-existing fields mentioned and with the Repeat field being set to "Never Repeat".

I can't think of anything that I've changed of late and so have no explanation.

I've just recreated the Reminders and will monitor their behaviour closely in the coming weeks.


P.S. I use iCloud synchronised with iCal on Snow Leopard via a hack (actually detailed on the show) which I've had in place for at least six months without issue and the only iOS device that I synchronise with that is a second generation iPod touch running 4.2.1 which requires iTunes to do so and is synchronised most every day for my podcasts.

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