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Is RSS going away?

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I use to use Apple's Mail app for my RSS feeds and loved it. That went away so I set things up on Google Reader and got apps for my laptop, iPhone and iPad. Now that's going away. What do Apple and Google know that I don't? Should I just subscribe to my feed's sites in Facebook?

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Does Facebook still support subscribing to RSS feeds? I thought they'd scrapped that capability.


Google are shutting down Google Reader simply because it wasn't making them enough money. It's harder to say why Apple removed the RSS features from Mail and Safari, but I suspect it was just over-complicating the code in those applications for the comparative few who used it. (Personally, as I prefer to use third-party RSS readers, the only feature Apple removed that I miss is the RSS menu in Safari that alerted you to feeds on a page, but I wrote my own extension to do that instead.)


If you want to keep your RSS feeds in sync between multiple devices as I do (or at worst read them on a website), there's probably going to be a bit of hiatus until a good successor to Google Reader emerges. There are already several contenders, like Feedly, CommaFeed and NewsBlur, but none of them are really doing it for me personally as yet. Until then, you might find it best just to pick a good RSS reader app on one of your devices and stick to reading your feeds on that… I suspect that's what I'll be doing.

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