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Loosing contacts

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Posting for a friend on this one. A friend of mine says she is losing contacts. Not all just one or two periodically. She claims that sometimes she'll go into contacts and the person will just be gone. Other times she says she goes into iMessage, types someones name and nothing comes up or suddenly the name will be gone from the title and only the number will be there.

I know that may not be the best information to go from but does anyone have any ideas of things to try or check? A few other details are that it's an iPhone 4, she has iCloud integrated and it's near capacity. Thanks.

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I would start a gmail account and transport all her contacts there then import them back into her phone. U have to set up a Microsoft exchange account thru gmail to use it. There are tricks on youtube. Just type in gmail contacts to iphone. That's what I've done. Hope this helps.



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We found the issue. It's called sharing an account with your 12yo daughter. Her daughter was deleting "her mom's friends" from her iPad there by deleting them from mom's iPhone. Sometimes the answers are easier than we think. Thanks though.

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