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Copy 801MB audio CD on to 650MB CD

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I must be doing something wrong. I purchased an audio CD. Sorry, my car has a cd, and no blue tooth. Anyway, I want to use a copy for in the car. I plug in the CD to the computer, and it says it contains 801MB. It is not a DVD. Trying every thing I can, there is no way to get the information on to a single normal CD, like the original. I copied into iTunes, tried to burn the CD, and got the message I need to burn to two CDs. Using the finder, and right clicking to burn it, it asks me where to burn it to, and I pick my blank CD. (8 core Mac Pro, dual CD drives, 32 GB, 4 3TB drives, dual Apple monitors, FREAKING AWSOME!!!!) Anyway, it asks me how I want to record, AUDIO, and then gives the error message I need to remove some data before I can copy, from one CD to the other. My guess is the Beach Boys CD is some kind of hybrid CD that has extra room. Do I need to use a copy program like carbon copy cloner? Is there another program that can work? Thanks in advance, and Adam, if you read this, FREAKING AWSOME PODCASTS!!!



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your best bet is to take out the tracks you don't like if you want it to fit on a single disc.


the original CD standard had room for 74 minutes of audio. later standards pushed the limit to 80 minutes, then to 90 and 99 minutes. the additional formats work outside of the standards that all CD must conform to meaning some players won't play the CD-R. good luck finding the 99 minute media. I've never seen it. but then, I stopped making CDs for my day job over a decade ago.



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